Vibe Marketing - Options

Option 1: Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy needs careful thought but is one of the most important parts of the marketing process. It’s the challenging bit that causes businesses the most debate. It is the vital step in creating your company’s identity and Vibe can help you manage that process effectively.

Option 2: Design and Print

Most promotional plans require some degree of design and printed materials. At Vibe we will co-ordinate the process from planning and pricing, research and copy writing to design and artwork, distribution and evaluation. Just tell us what you want to do and let us do the rest.

Option 3: Websites and Social Media

Web sites and social media are a vital part of any marketing plan. This is where the creative juices can really begin to do their work and you can tell your story to a receptive audience. Visit Vibe’s twitter at VibePR.

Option 4: Marketing Training

Vibe is often called in to provide training to managers who have responsibility for marketing as well as every day operations. We give clear guidance on how to build marketing into the day to day business administration and take it off the too hard pile!

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