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Vibe Public Relations - Options

Option 1: The Full Monty

Complete PR Strategy and Planning

A comprehensive PR strategy and planning programme. Vibe will audit your organisation’s PR potential and recommend a 12month programme to enhance your marketing output and business plan. We will dedicate the appropriate members of the team to the management of the project providing regular evaluation and progress reports.

Option 2: Brief Encounter

A One Off

If you have a special event or occasion such as an anniversary, award win or product launch that you would like to see in the public eye, then a Brief Encounter with Vibe can help. We will prepare a press release on your behalf, arrange a photo opportunity and recommend a media list for distribution.

Option 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Crisis Communications

No matter how well run an organisation may be, sometimes things happen that might make you the news for the wrong reasons. If you find yourself in such a situation, Vibe can manage the media process on your behalf. We’re very well versed in crisis PR and can either provide you with a bespoke crisis PR strategy for your organisation, or just help out when the need arises.

Option 4: The Graduate

PR Training Programmes

Vibe offers training in all elements of PR to both public and private sector organisations. Choose from either a full or half day course packed with practical tips on how to master the PR challenge.

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